Rocky Mountain Bulldogge Club

Show tips and videos

Show tip #1 - collars and leads

There are allot of different kinds of leads to use during a show.  They can be cheap and simple or more expensive.  But choose one that fits the breed you plan to show.  With the larger stronger bulldog breeds I recommend a heavy  lead for the adults.  A simple braided choke chain and thin leash works well if you do not have the money for an expensive leather or braided show lead.  Here is a video for Tip #1

Show tip #2 - stand/Stay 

This is the one tip I got at the April show in California... If you plan to show your dog do not teach them to sit for treats.  This is bad in the ring, because they are not allowed to sit or it docks you.  You use bait in the ring.  I have found that I like using either a more expensive dog food (like Taste of the wild), or little bites of training treats work well (I cut or tare the training treat into really little pieces)

Show tip #3 - Stack position 

The Stack position is how you display your dogs conformation best.  It shows the angles and muscle.  If you can get your dog the stack naturally without having to re-position, this will give you a leg up.

Tip #4 - Paceing and gait

 Teaching your dog to walk and pace at your side is very important.  You want their full attention on you so your time in the ring goes smoothly.

Train a Dog Proper Gait -- powered by ehow

Tip #5 - Down and Back

This is the most simple of patterns you will see in the ring.  You want to make sure you know the pace your dog and you looks best at.