Rocky Mountain Bulldogge Club

This page has been created to give you help on training, breeding, feeding, and other Dog related information.

Cities within our Club's region with Breed Specific laws in place:

Please do not support, shop, or buy anything in these cities and Counties. Please write the city councils of these cities that you will not support their town and efforts to ban specific breeds and to please just inforce their laws and go after the irresponsible owners.  Not the individual breeds.  We need to show them we mean business!!! 


 Duchesne, Garland, Honeyville, Morgan, North Slat Lake, Smithfield, South Jordan, Springville


Fruitland, Jerome, Kellog, Preston, and the whole Payette County.




Arora, Castle Rock,  Commerce City, Denver, Fort Lupton, Louisville

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 Also all "PetsMart" stores.  This company has a corporate policy banning all "bully" breeds with in their stores.  Article here

Training Tips:




Breeding, and ethical breeding practices