Rocky Mountain Bulldogge Club

Welcome To The RMBC


An IOEBA Sanctioned Club 

We would like to welcome you to the Rocky Mountain Bulldogge Club! This club was established for those who love Bully Breeds in the Utah and Rocky Mountain areas. Whether you are an owner, breeder or just admire Bulldogs from afar, this club is for you.

Started in 2009, we are an IOEBA sanctioned club.

 Our goal is to promote our breed of choice and bring a positive light to Bully Breeds.  We plan on doing this by;  Properly educating the public about Bulldogges and other rare Bully Breeds, offering sound training tips, Health seminars, promoting the proper treatment of dogs and ethical breeding practices, bringing IOEBA sanctioned conformation shows, and fun bully exhibitions closer to our area, and fight BSL (Breed Specific Legislation). But most importantly we want to bring fellow Bulldoggers together to form lasting relationships and a firm foundation.

If you live in Utah, Idaho, Colorado or Wyoming and you have an interest in Bulldogges and would like to learn more about the RMBC (Rocky Mountain Bulldogge Club), feel free to contact us! You can email us at

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